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Kristin O'Connor

Welcome to a

bright new beginning!

You have your own story to tell…

At the core of our journey is a quest for self-discovery, and a longing for meaning and purpose.  Our “knowledge of self” empowers us to express our soul needs, our mission, and our creative potential. 

The mission behind Soul Expressions LLC is simple: With healing tools and new learning opportunities, you will unveil your hidden purpose and embrace your gifts.  What is it that YOU would like to express?

About Kristin:                               

“Once a teacher, always a teacher.”  From childhood, Kristin discovered a love of tracing patterns and understanding “identity.”  Her passion for sharing with others, with an emphasis on growing and healing, has been at the heart and center of her teaching career.  As a public school music teacher, Kristin focused on human connectedness and inner healing.  While holding students to a high standard of finding “their best version of themselves,” Kristin also demonstrated empathy and compassion in a safe learning space.  In turn, each student offered her special lessons and learning opportunities, which supported a sequence of knowledge, understanding, compassion, and wisdom. 

In Divine timing, Kristin was ready to recall and study her intuitive gifts, which first surfaced in childhood.  An ongoing project of trust, faith, and patience is what carries Kristin through this healing career.  I invite you to begin your own journey of self-discovery; it is time for you to express your gifts and seek your full potential.    

Now offering... 

Private sessions in: Numerology Readings, Card Readings, Intuitive Readings / Healing Sessions, Essential Oil Wellness Consultations 

Classes, Workshops, and Events: Introduction to Numerology, Paint Nights, Intuitive Art Lessons, "Soul Stitching" (cross stitching classes), Focus Groups and various workshops coming soon!

Please email Kristin at for more information! 

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